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C-Modules: A Learning Package for Social and Behavior Change Communication

C-Change created the C-Modules a six-module learning package for facilitated, face-to-face workshops on social and behavior change communication (SBCC). Designed for communication practitioners in small- and medium-sized development organizations, the C-Modules contain the following downloadable documents:

1) Practitioner's Handbook for each module,
2) Facilitator’s Guide for each module along with an overall Facilitator's Preparation, and
3) Additional Resources

Module 0 introduces participants to SBCC. Modules 1 through 5 focus on distinct steps of C-Planning:

1) Understanding the Situation
2) Focusing and Designing
3) Creating
4) Implementing and Monitoring
5) Evaluating and Replanning

C-Modules are also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish