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Compliance office

FHI 360 is committed to complying with the letter and spirit of all laws, regulations and contractual obligations to which it is subject.

FHI 360 provides exceptionally strong financial, operational and program management systems to ensure compliance with the highest standards. To that end, FHI 360 established a compliance office in 2011.

Any questions regarding the role and scope of FHI 360's Compliance Office can be sent via email to the Chief Compliance Officer, Sean Temeemi, at We will do our best to respond in a timely manner. 

Research Integrity and Conflict of Interest

It is the policy of FHI 360 to provide an environment that promotes integrity, objectivity and the highest ethical and quality standards in all research areas, including biomedical, behavioral and social science fields. 

Download: FHI 360 Policy on Financial Conflict of Interest in Research Activities Funded through US Public Health Service

Combating Trafficking in Persons

FHI 360 is opposed to all forms of trafficking in persons and is committed to reducing the risk of trafficking in its programs and activities. All FHI 360 contractors, subcontractors, subrecipients and their employees must comply with FHI 360’s Policy on Combating Trafficking in Persons.

Download: FHI 360 Policy on Combating Trafficking in Persons

Download: FHI 360 Model Anti-Trafficking Compliance Plan

Safeguarding of Children

FHI 360 is committed to protecting the dignity, rights and well-being of all children involved in its programs and activities around the world. All FHI 360 consultants must comply with FHI 360’s Policy on Safeguarding of Children. 

Download: FHI 360 Policy on Safeguarding of Children 


FHI 360 maintains an anonymous reporting hotline accessible worldwide. The hotline can be used to report any compliance concerns at any time. The hotline is maintained by an independent third-party provider ensuring anonymity of all users.  Go to the hotline.