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Published Research

This list highlights select articles, books and book chapters authored by FHI 360 experts since October 2014. The materials were published in peer-reviewed journals or by book publishers. For additional information about FHI 360’s published research, explore our “Recently published research” page.

Listen to Dr. Timothy Mastro, Chief Science Officer, describe his top three picks from the latest published research from FHI 360.

Effect of self-administration versus provider-administered injection of subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on continuation rates in Malawi: A randomised controlled trial
Burke HM, Chen M, Buluzi M, Fuchs R, Wevill S, Venkatasubramanian L, Dal Santo L, Ngwira B
Lancet Glob Health 2018 May; 6(5): e568-78. [Journal Impact Factor: 17.686]

Outcomes of compulsory detention compared to community-based voluntary methadone maintenance treatment in Vietnam
Vuong T, Ritter A, Shanahan M, Ali R, Nguyen N, Pham K, Vuong TT, Le GM
J Subst Abuse Treat 2018 Apr; 879-15. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.868]

Brief participant-centered convergence interviews integrate self-reports, product returns, and pharmacokinetic results to improve adherence measurement in MTN-017
Balán IC, Giguere R, Brown W III, Carballo-Diéguez A, Horn S, Hendrix CW, Marzinke MA, Ayudhya RP, Patterson K, Piper JM, McGowan I, Lama JR, Cranston RD, MTN-017 protocol team
AIDS Behav 2018 Mar; 22(3): 986-95. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.916]

In what circumstances could nondaily preexposure prophylaxis for HIV substantially reduce program costs?
Mitchell KM, Dimitrov D, Hughes JP, Xia F, Donnell D, Amico KR, Bokoch K, Chitwarakorn A, Bekker LG, Holtz TH, Mannheimer S, Grant RM, Boily MC
AIDS 2018 Mar; 32(6): 809-18. [Journal Impact Factor: 5.003]

Factors related to incomplete adherence to antiretroviral therapy among adolescents attending three HIV clinics in the Copperbelt, Zambia
Denison JA, Packer C, Stalter RM, Banda H, Mercer S, Nyambe N, Katayamoyo P, Mwansa JK, McCarraher DR
AIDS Behav 2018 Mar; 22(3): 996-1005. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.916]

We don’t dare to tell her ... we don’t know where to begin: Disclosure experiences and challenges among adolescents living with HIV and their caregivers in China
DeSilva MB, Penwill N, Sabin L, Gifford AL, Li Z, Fujie Z, Weiwei M, Yongzhen L, Hongyan L, Xuemei Z, Barnoon Y, Gill CJ, Bonawitz R
Int J Pediatr Adolesc Med 2018 Mar; 5(1): 5-12. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

OMNIgene.SPUTUM suppresses contaminants while maintaining Mycobacterium tuberculosis viability and obviates cold-chain transport
Azam K, Cadir N, Madeira C, Gillespie SH, Sabiiti W
ERJ Open Res 2018 Feb; 4(1): 00074-2017. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

It’s all in the timing: Acceptability of a financial incentive intervention for linkage to HIV care in the HPTN 065 (TLC-Plus) study
Shelus V, Taylor J, Greene E, Stanton J, Pack A, Tolley EE, Branson BM, El-Sadr WM, Pollydore J, Gamble T
PLoS One 2018 Feb; 13(2): e0191638. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.806]

Prevalence of sexually transmitted infections and bacterial vaginosis among women in sub-Saharan Africa: An individual participant data meta-analysis of 18 HIV prevention studies
Torrone EA, Morrison CS, Chen PL, Kwok C, Francis SC, Hayes RJ, Looker KJ, McCormack S, McGrath N, van de Wijgert JH, Watson-Jones D, Low N, Gottlieb SL, STIMA working group
PLoS Med 2018 Feb; 15(2): e1002511. [Journal Impact Factor: 11.862]

Recruitment of underrepresented minority researchers into HIV prevention research: The HIV Prevention Trials Network Scholars program
Vermund SH, Hamilton EL, Griffith SB, Jennings L, Dyer TV, Mayer K, Wheeler D
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2018 Feb; 34(2): 171-7. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.095]