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Published Research

This list highlights select articles, books and book chapters authored by FHI 360 experts since October 2014. The materials were published in peer-reviewed journals or by book publishers.

Pharmacokinetics and safety of maraviroc in neonates
Rosebush JC, Best BM, Chadwick EG, Butler K, Moye J, Smith E, et al.
Aids. 2021;35(3):419-27.

Exploring the use and appeal of playpens to protect infants from exposure to animals, animal feces, and dirt in rural Ethiopia
Rosenbaum J, Tenaw E, Clemmer R, Israel M, Albert J.
Am J Trop Med Hyg. 2021;104(1):346-56.

Depressive symptoms and use of HIV care and medication-assisted treatment among people with HIV who inject drugs
Zeziulin O, Mollan KR, Shook-Sa BE, Hanscom B, Lancaster KE, Dumchev K, et al.
Aids. 2021;35(3):495-501.

Pathways: how caregiver savings group participation supports child wellbeing
Rutherford DD, Ejeta B.
Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies. 2021;16(1):20-37.

Drug-drug interactions among Thai transgender women living with human immunodeficiency undergoing feminizing hormone therapy and antiretroviral therapy: The iFACT study
Hiransuthikul A, Himmad L, Kerr SJ, Janamnuaysook R, Dalodom T, Phanjaroen K, et al.
Clinical Infectious Diseases. 2021;72(3):396-402.

Client-centered adherence counseling with adherence measurement feedback to support use of the dapivirine ring in MTN-025 (The HOPE Study)
Balán IC, Giguere R, Lentz C, Kutner BA, Kajura-Manyindo C, Byogero R, et al.
AIDS and Behavior. 2021;25(2):447-58.

Pharmacokinetics of tenofovir alafenamide with and without cobicistat in pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV
Brooks KM, Momper JD, Pinilla M, Stek AM, Barr E, Weinberg A, et al.
Aids. 2021;35(3):407-17.