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Published Research

This list highlights select articles, books and book chapters authored by FHI 360 experts since October 2014. The materials were published in peer-reviewed journals or by book publishers. For additional information about FHI 360’s published research, explore our “Recently published research” page.

Listen to Dr. Timothy Mastro, Chief Science Officer, describe his top three picks from the latest published research from FHI 360.

Pediatric to adult healthcare transitioning for adolescents living with HIV in Nigeria: A national survey
Badejo OA, Menson WN, Sam-Agudu NA, Pharr J, Erekaha S, Bruno T, Nwanne G, Ogunsola O, Ilozumba J, Busari O, Ezeanolue EE
PLoS One 2018 Jun; 13(6): e0198802. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.766]

Barriers to achieving the first 90%: Gender norms and HIV testing among men in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Nanda G, Dal Santo L, Konde JN, de Negri B
AIDS Care 2018 Jun; epub ahead of print. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.994]

Engagement of husbands in a maternal nutrition program substantially contributed to greater intake of micronutrient supplements and dietary diversity during pregnancy: Results of a cluster-randomized program evaluation in Bangladesh
Nguyen PH, Frongillo EA, Sanghvi T, Wable G, Mahmud Z, Tran LM, Aktar B, Afsana K, Alayon S, Ruel MT, Menon P
J Nutr 2018 Jun; epub ahead of print. [Journal Impact Factor: 4.398]

Not seeking yet trying long-acting reversible contraception: A 24-month randomized trial on continuation, unintended pregnancy and satisfaction
Hubacher D, Spector H, Monteith C, Chen PL
Contraception 2018 Jun; 97(6): 524-32. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.894]

Community health priorities: Lessons for malaria prevention from Balaka district, Malawi
Parker W, Pennas T, Kommwa I
Malawi Med J 2018 Jun; 30(2): 99-102. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.123]

‘Allocation concealment’: The evolution and adoption of a methodological term.
Schulz KF, Chalmers I, Altman DG, Grimes DA, Moher D, Hayes RJ
J R Soc Med 2018 Jun; 111(6): 216-24. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.654]

Method validation approaches for pharmaceutical assessments — highlights with high performance thin layer chromatographic (HPTLC) techniques
Jenkins D, Diallo C, Bethea E, Kaale E, Layloff T
In: Stauffer, M., editor. Calibration and validation of analytical methods: A sampling of current approaches. IntechOpen; 2018. pp. 143-63. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

Progress on elimination of lymphatic filariasis in Sierra Leone
Koroma JB, Sesay S, Conteh A, Paye J, Bah M, Sonnie M, Hodges MH, Zhang Y
Parasit Vectors 2018 Jun; 11334. [Journal Impact Factor: 3.163]

Development and implementation of participant safety plans for international research with stigmatized populations
Sugarman J, Barnes M, Rose S, Dumchev K, Sarasvita R, Viet HT, Zeziulin O, Susami H, Go V, Hoffman I, Miller WC
Lancet HIV 2018 Jun; epub ahead of print. [Journal Impact Factor: 11.355]

Effect of self-administration versus provider-administered injection of subcutaneous depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on continuation rates in Malawi: A randomised controlled trial
Burke HM, Chen M, Buluzi M, Fuchs R, Wevill S, Venkatasubramanian L, Dal Santo L, Ngwira B
Lancet Glob Health 2018 May; 6(5): e568-78. [Journal Impact Factor: 17.686]