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Published Research

This list highlights select articles, books and book chapters authored by FHI 360 experts since October 2014. The materials were published in peer-reviewed journals or by book publishers. For additional information about FHI 360’s published research, explore our “Recently published research” page.

Listen to Dr. Timothy Mastro, Chief Science Officer, describe his top three picks from the latest published research from FHI 360.

Family planning provision in pharmacies and drug shops: An urgent prescription
Chin-Quee DS, Stanback J, Orr T
Contraception 2018 Nov; 98(5): 379-82. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.894]

Large-scale social and behavior change communication interventions have sustained impacts on infant and young child feeding knowledge and practices: Results of a 2-year follow-up study in Bangladesh
Kim SS, Nguyen PH, Tran LM, Sanghvi T, Mahmud Z, Haque MR, Afsana K, Frongillo EA, Ruel MT, Menon P
J Nutr 2018 Oct; 148(10): 1605-14. [Journal Impact Factor: 4.398]

A longitudinal assessment of cervical inflammation and immunity associated with HIV-1 infection, hormonal contraception and pregnancy
Morrison C, Fichorova R, Chen PL, Kwok C, Deese J, Yamamoto H, Anderson S, Chipata T, Salata R, Doncel G
AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses 2018 Oct; 34(10): 889-99. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.935]

Marketing self-management education: Lessons on messaging and framing
Brady TJ, Ledsky R, Lafontant B, Baker TN
Am J Health Behav 2018 Sep; 42(5): 3-20. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.626]

Replication studies of development impact evaluations
Brown AN, Wood BD
J Dev Stud 2018 Sep; epub ahead of print. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.526]

Expanding understanding of community health worker programs: A cross-sectional survey on the work, satisfaction, and livelihoods of CHWs in Madagascar
Brunie A, Mercer S, Chen M, Andrianantoandro T
Inquiry 2018 Sep; 55(Jan-Dec 2018): 8p. [Journal Impact Factor: 0.574]

A scalable, integrated intervention to engage people who inject drugs in HIV care and medication-assisted treatment (HPTN 074): A randomized, controlled phase 3 feasibility and efficacy study
Miller WC, Hoffman IF, Hanscom BS, Ha TV, Dumchev K, Djoerban Z, Rose SM, Latkin CA, Metzger DS, Lancaster KE, Go VF, Dvoriak S, Mollan KR, Reifeis SA, Piwowar-Manning EM, Richardson P, Hudgens MG, Hamilton EL, Sugarman J, Eshleman SH, Susami H, Chu VA, Djauzi S, Kiriazova T, Bui DD, Strathdee SA, Burns DN
Lancet 2018 Sep; 392(10149): 747-59. [Journal Impact Factor: 53.254]

"We're going to leave you for last, because of how you are": Transgender women's experiences of gender-based violence in healthcare, education, and police encounters in Latin America and the Caribbean
Lanham M, Ridgeway K, Dayton R, Castillo BM, Brennan C, Davis DA, Emmanuel D, Morales GJ, Cheririser C, Rodriguez B, Cooke J, Santi K, Evens E
Violence Gend 2018 Aug; epub ahead of print. [Journal Impact Factor: n/a]

Experiences with the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system in Kenya: Qualitative interviews with users and their partners
Nanda G, Rademacher K, Solomon M, Mercer S, Wawire J, Ngahu R
Eur J Contracept Reprod Health Care 2018 Aug; 23(4): 303-8. [Journal Impact Factor: 1.558]

Time taken to link newly identified HIV positive clients to care following a home-base index case HIV testing: Experience from two provinces in Zimbabwe
Tafuma TA, Mahachi N, Dziwa C, Marowa P, Moga T, Chimbidzikai T, Muchedzi A, Nyagura T, Mpofu M
PLoS One 2018 Aug; 13(8): e0201018. [Journal Impact Factor: 2.766]