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Alcançar: Achieving Quality Health Services for Women and Children

  • East and Southern Africa Regional Office
  • Mozambique
2019 - 2024

The Alcançar: Achieving Quality Health Services for Women and Children project (known in Mozambique as Alcançar: Qualidade de Serviços de Saúde para Mulheres e Crianças) is establishing the Nampula province in Mozambique as a model health system for maternal, neonatal and child health (MNCH) services that are high-quality, patient-centered and evidence-based. FHI 360 leads a consortium of partners to use best practices in quality improvement (QI) for health facility and district teams to identify, test and scale health system improvements and to achieve consistent, sustainable delivery of human-centered clinical care.

The project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, supports the Nampula provincial health directorate, district health directorates and frontline MNCH providers in building individual and organizational capacity to make improvements in service quality and efficiency by:

  • Supporting all levels of the Government of Mozambique’s health system to use evidence-based QI approaches and accurate data to identify problems and implement solutions that strengthen the health system
  • Increase the clinical capacity of the health system to consistently deliver evidence-based, respectful MNCH services
  • Use existing and anticipated incentive models to address systemic barriers that impede improvement in the quality of services
  • Engage innovative, cost-effective, information and communications technology (ICT) to support providers in meeting clinical standards and to build community-driven demand and accountability
  • Integrate gender-transformative approaches at community and health facility levels that synchronize women’s and girls’ empowerment and men’s and boys’ engagement activities to address the unequal gender and social norms that affect many MNCH services

The consortium partners are Associação de Jovens de Nacala (AJN), Dimagi, Ehale, Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), HOPEM, PRONTO International and Viamo.

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