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Demand Creation and Advocacy for COVID-19 Vaccine Acceptance and Uptake Toolkit

October 2021 — This set of tools supports FHI 360 and its partners in the design and implementation of demand creation and advocacy activities as part of national COVID-19 vaccine demand creation efforts. The toolkit is anchored by the Quick Start Guide. French versions are also available.

  • COVID-19 Vaccine Demand Generation Quick Start Guide (version 2) — (English | French) a step-by-step tool that draws on FHI 360’s experience in designing and implementing social and behavior change (SBC) programs to promote uptake of health products and services, including vaccination services.
  • Demand Creation and Advocacy Strategy Template (English | French) a template for developing a demand creation and advocacy strategy. The template can be completed by following the strategy development steps in the Quick Start Guide.
  • Situation Analysis Checklist (English | French) a checklist of questions for the situation analysis, a list of global databases for behavioral research and guidance on where to find local research, studies and data.
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Rapid Audience Assessment Tool (English | French) can be used after the initial situation analysis, either as a confirmatory exercise or to address gaps in evidence. It contains questions for adaptation, guidance on how to plan and implement the assessment, and analysis tools to ensure that data informs decisions.
  • Audience Profile Template (English | French) can be used to develop profiles for target audiences to be reached through the planned demand creation activities. The profiles are developed from data gathered during Step 1, Define and Understand, in the Quick Start Guide.
  • Day in the Life Worksheet (English | French) can be used as part of participatory information gathering to understand how target audiences spend their days. It supports information gathering that feeds into the audience profiles.
  • Messaging Framing Template (English | French) can be used to organize information to create compelling, relevant key messages and ensure message consistency.
  • Creative Brief Template (English | French) can be used to guide the development of demand creation and advocacy activities and materials, ensuring stakeholders have all the needed information in one place. The creative brief should be informed by the Demand Creation and Advocacy Strategy.