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Women in STEM2D (WiSTEM2D)

  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United States
Johnson & Johnson
2016 - 2023

Together with Johnson & Johnson and Junior Achievement (JA) Worldwide, FHI 360 will inspire and advance the education of 1 million girls between the ages of 5 and 18 by 2020 through the Women in STEM2D (WiSTEM2D) project. Girls will build subject-specific knowledge in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, manufacturing and design (STEM2D); cultivate inquiring minds; build logical reasoning; and develop creative-thinking, problem-solving and collaboration skills.

The strategy for reaching 1 million girls is twofold. First, a STEM2D guide developed by FHI 360 and JA Worldwide, in conjunction with Johnson & Johnson employees, will support a network of Johnson & Johnson volunteers in leading STEM2D efforts with girls worldwide. Consisting of pedagogical strategies, sample activities and training for volunteers, the guide will infuse the principles of STEM2D as a framework for volunteer interactions in classrooms, in out-of-school programs and at community events.

Second, volunteers will use the guide in eight pilot programs co-led by FHI 360 and JA Worldwide. Divided by grade levels, the pilots will be age and developmentally appropriate. For example, some students in kindergarten through 4th grade will participate in science center programs. Middle school students (5th to 8th grade) will participate in activities such as summer camps and hands-on career awareness activities. High school (9th to 12th grade) programming will build on Bridge to Employment, another joint FHI 360 and Johnson & Johnson initiative.

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