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After-School Math PLUS

2011 —​ After-School Math PLUS is an evidence-based program that provides fun, real-world mathematics activities for students in grades 3 through 8. Materials include an implementation guide and activity guides designed around four thematic units that engage young people. Each unit emphasizes identity development, careers, role models, strategies for family involvement and inclusion of students with disabilities:

  • In Jump Rope Math, students learn how to gather and represent data through bar graphs, line graphs, scatter graphs and Venn diagrams while jumping rope and getting exercise.
  • The Built Environment provides an opportunity for students to learn about scale, measurement and their immediate environment to create a blueprint and a charrette depicting an “ideal community.”
  • In ArtMath, students experience the elegance of math, explore the connections between art and math, and use math (tessellations, patterns, symmetry) to create their own art. 
  • MusicMath helps students learn about fractions as they use whole, half, quarter and eighth notes to create musical compositions.

After-School Math PLUS also provides activity modifications for youth with disabilities, which can be implemented in inclusive settings.

After-School Math PLUS can be ordered here.