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USAID End TB Tajikistan Activity

  • Tajikistan
2022 - 2027

FHI 360 aims to advance data-informed solutions to increase early tuberculosis (TB) detection, improve treatment access, and stop the cycle of transmission to prevent TB and multidrug-resistant TB in Tajikistan.

Through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) End TB Tajikistan Activity, FHI 360 works with local partners, including Dure Technologies, Stop TB Partnership Tajikistan, Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan Amali Nek, Solimi, SPIN Plus, Afif, SVON Plus, and Gender & Development, to achieve the project’s goals:

  • Improve case detection of and notification for all forms of TB.
  • Cure more patients of all forms of TB.
  • Strengthen TB prevention by expanding preventive treatment and improving infection prevention and control interventions.
  • Increase the resilience and improve the reliance of TB prevention, detection and treatment systems in public health emergencies.

Throughout the course of the activity, FHI 360 will support the government of Tajikistan in achieving the national targets and objectives defined by the USAID Global TB Accelerator.

To ensure that the systems the project creates and strengthens are sustainable, the USAID End Tuberculosis Tajikistan Activity focuses on (1) integrating services among the National TB Program, public health centers, and civil society organizations; (2) developing a reliable system for collecting, verifying and analyzing data for decision-making at all levels of service delivery; and (3) creating a system that encourages medical university graduates to become TB service providers and strengthening professional development for TB service providers.

The activity will also replicate successful models of community-led support and advocacy for people affected by TB.

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