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Meta Program Scaled Support

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Cambodia
  • Ghana
  • Nepal
  • South Africa
  • Thailand

In 2021, Meta and FHI 360 entered a collaboration to explore how to use Meta tools to amplify demand generation and social and behavior change (SBC) activities. In 2021, nine country teams and 22 staff members participated in a training on designing advertising campaigns to prevent COVID-19 and create demand for vaccination. In 2022, FHI 360 selected five countries to participate in a more in-depth collaboration that sought to develop best practices for the use of Meta tools. This is an initiative that provides technical assistance to existing projects to run social media campaigns on Meta platforms to achieve SBC goals, using donated ad credits and measurement support from Meta.

This project encompasses two cohorts: (1) the nine countries that participated in the 2021 training and (2) the five countries that participated in a more in-depth collaboration in 2022. The 2021 cohort focused on increasing COVID-19 vaccination by addressing vaccine hesitancy. Among the countries in the 2022 cohort, one country still focused on COVID-19 vaccination, and the other countries focused on prevention and testing for populations with a higher likelihood of exposure to HIV.

Each project was selected on the criteria of having an existing behavior change project that could be furthered by using Meta tools and having experience using social media for behavior change. Along with other results metrics, the projects used Meta’s Brand Lift Study (BLS) tool, which analyzes campaign impact based on user responses to ad recall and questions relevant to behavior change goals, determining if there was a “lift” in knowledge, attitudes or intentions around a behavior for those who saw ads compared to those who did not.

2022 Case Studies

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