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LEGO Playful Parenting Implementation Research

  • Bhutan
  • East and Southern Africa Regional Office
  • Guatemala
  • Rwanda
  • Serbia
  • Zambia
LEGO Foundation
2020 - 2024

The LEGO Playful Parenting Implementation Research project — under FHI Partners, a subsidiary of FHI 360 — seeks to generate insights into the implementation and scaling of global playful parenting interventions. The project is defining what works for effective scaling of global playful parenting interventions and what impact interventions have on caregivers, service providers and children. FHI 360’s experts are building the knowledge base by embedding a research and learning agenda into five playful parenting programs in Bhutan, Guatemala, Rwanda, Serbia and Zambia to illuminate key learnings and pathways to scale.

The project draws on the diverse experience of the five programs, which are led by Save the Children, Child Fund, The Research Program on Children and Adversity (RPCA) at the Boston College School of Social Work, and UNICEF.

As both a research and learning partner to the LEGO Foundation’s Playful Parenting Initiative, the FHI 360 team harmonizes data collection efforts across partners to generate evidence that is distilled into concrete learnings for the early childhood development community. In addition, the FHI 360 team manages an internal community of practice among the partners to stimulate cross-country learning and allow for ongoing uptake of research findings.

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