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Feed the Future Burma: Agriculture and Food Systems Development Activity (AFDA)

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Myanmar
2019 - 2024

The Agriculture and Food Systems Development Activity (AFDA) will increase the productivity, inclusiveness and competitiveness of key market segments in Myanmar (Burma) by facilitating wider participation in market systems and making agriculture and food systems more inclusive.

FHI 360 serves as a partner to ACDI/VOCA, the project’s lead organization, and manages the Increased Economic Interdependence Among Market Actors of Different Ethnic Backgrounds component. FHI 360 builds social cohesion in conflict-affected areas and facilitates the participation of ethnic minorities in the national market through community development and livelihoods activities, plus social behavior change communications.

FHI 360 is using the System-wide Collaborative Action for Livelihoods and Environment (SCALE+) methodology to catalyze engagement among stakeholders. SCALE+ activities include stakeholder mapping, social network analysis and the creation of cross-sectoral advisory committee(s) in sectors including agriculture and gender. Based on the findings, FHI 360 will design, pilot and scale activities that contribute to increased household agency and empowerment, jobs and sales. FHI 360 also delivers economic strengthening services such as financial literacy training, capacity building for informal self-help groups and improved access to associations and cooperatives. In addition, FHI 360 leads cross-cutting activities, including information communications technology for agriculture, digital financial services, and youth inclusion and workforce development.

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