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Chad Civil Society Strengthening Activity (CCSSA)

  • Chad
2019 - 2023

FHI 360 is working to strengthen civil society in Chad through the Chad Civil Society Strengthening Activity (CCSSA), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Against a backdrop of regional violent extremism, poverty and insecurity, Chadians are becoming increasingly politically disengaged. Yet, civil society organizations in Chad are continuing to make an impact, specifically by providing access to information on civic rights and responsibilities and supporting people with disabilities in advocating for their rights.

FHI 360 aims to build on those successes and identify barriers to civic participation in Chad by strategically partnering with Chadian civil society organizations to strengthen their capacity to support and promote citizen participation in local and national governance, improve collaboration between civil society and government, and further increase Chadians’ awareness of their civic rights and responsibilities.

CCSSA centers local leadership, knowledge and priorities and focuses on the roles and interactions of civic stakeholders and the political, cultural and legal frameworks in which they operate. The project has accomplished tangible results in Chad, including updating civic education textbooks for public schools (the National Curriculum Center will soon train teachers on the civics training modules) and working closely with the Ministry of National Reconciliation and Social Cohesion to lay the groundwork for regional conflict prevention committees across the country.

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