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Aspirin in Treating Patients with Colon Cancer

  • China
National Cancer Centre Singapore Pte., Ltd.
2013 - 2016

FHI 360 is providing clinical research and monitoring services for a randomized Phase III trial on the relationship between aspirin and the recurrence of specific types of cancer. The study, conducted by the National Cancer Centre Singapore, aims to determine if the addition of aspirin after surgery decreases the probability that the following types of cancer will recur after being completely removed surgically: stage III colon or rectal cancer, high-risk stage II colon cancer or stage II rectal cancer.

Aspirin is expected to be better tolerated by patients and has a higher safety profile than other therapies. Therefore, even if the addition of aspirin yields only equivalent results as conventional therapies, it may still prove to be a better treatment option.

This study is active in five sites in China.

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