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Postsecondary Success for All: Leveraging Partners and Assets

November 2013 — In 2008, FHI 360 and the Citi Foundation joined together to launch the Citi Postsecondary Success Program, now called the Postsecondary Success Collaborative. Five years and 12,000 students later, the Postsecondary Success Collaborative has transformed the way participating schools and partners in Miami-Dade County, Philadelphia and San Francisco map resources and needs and collaborate to support college readiness and completion. This report, Postsecondary Success for All: Leveraging Partners and Assets, demonstrates how higher education can be made more accessible for millions of students in the United States. The report provides concrete steps that schools and communities can take to ensure that more low-income youth are getting the education, tools and skills they need to succeed in higher education and an increasingly competitive job market.

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