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Navigating COVID-19 Clinical Care Pathways Across the Health Care System: A practical guide for primary health care workers

March 2022 — This guide is designed to support, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, interdisciplinary health care teams in navigating their local health care systems to better connect patients to the right care at the right time and place. The guide covers COVID-19 screening, triage, testing, clinical assessment and management; referrals and transfers of care; and clinical decision support tools. Throughout the guide are case studies for applied learning. By moving beyond protocols (“what to do”) to pathways (“how to get there”), this resource provides an innovative framework for interdisciplinary health care teams to “map” their own course.

The intended audience for this guide is interdisciplinary teams of health care workers in community-based, primary health care settings. However, elements of this guide may be relevant to teams working in other settings, such as emergency departments, outpatient departments of hospitals, smaller hospital settings or community access points for COVID-19 clinical care.