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Child Protection Toolkit

This toolkit contains three manuals to assist FHI 360 staff and partners with programs for children.

Child Protection Basics

This manual presents FHI 360’s partners and staff with the fundamental aspects of child protection. The manual is intended for everyone involved in programming for children, from senior management to community volunteers.

Protecting Children in Care and Support Programs - Manual 2Guidelines and Programming Options for Protecting Vulnerable Children in Community-based Care and Support Programs

FHI 360 experts developed this manual to facilitate the integration of child protection interventions into its community-based care and support programs for children. It presents practical guidance to help our partners and staff design, implement, monitor and evaluate care and support programs at the country level.

This manual has four main sections:

  • Getting started: Conducting a child protection analysis.
  • Developing and implementing child protection strategies and interventions.
  • Protecting children in emergencies.
  • Monitoring and evaluating child protection.

Becoming a Safe Organization for Children -  Manual 3Becoming a Safe Organization for Children

The guidelines and tools in this manual were created by FHI 360 experts to help our staff and local partners develop and implement policies and procedures that will protect children. The manual describes the concept of being a safe organization for children and the actions an organization needs to take to achieve this. The manual also outlines detailed steps for developing an institutional child protection policy.