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Workforce Connections

USAID E3 Office of Education

The Workforce Connections project promotes evidence-based learning and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange in international workforce development, with the goal of improving the capacity of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its industry partners to deliver quality workforce development programming.

The importance of addressing shortages and gaps in skills as a solution to global youth unemployment has gained increased recognition among employers, governments and international donors. Workforce Connections aims to reduce fragmentation of funding approaches, build consensus over contextually appropriate and effective interventions, and provide guidance on measurement and evaluation of workforce development initiatives.

Workforce Connections activities include:

  • Creating of an open space for stakeholders (through a dynamic community of practice including USAID staff, partners and outside actors) that provides opportunities and incentives for interaction, sharing, dialogue, debate, and consensus building
  • Developing and curating a technically sound and accessible body of knowledge on workforce development programming
  • Building the capacity of workforce development practitioners (especially USAID and partners) through new professional development opportunities, including training and technical assistance
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