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Vietnam Plastics and Health

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Viet Nam
FHI 360
2023 - 2024

FHI 360 is engaging in innovative efforts to fight plastic pollution in Vietnam. Through the Vietnam Plastics and Health project, we have worked with the Vietnam Ministry of Health and the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment to launch the Plastics and Health Action Partnership (PHA) — a coalition of more than 20 organizations working to reduce plastic pollution and raise awareness of the effects of plastic on human health. The coalition is the first of its kind to focus on the impact of plastic on human health.

Using our expertise in social and behavior change, we are training PHA members on how to implement campaigns and programs that promote consumption behaviors that are more environmentally responsible. We are using our expertise in global health initiatives to facilitate discussions among local organizations on the links between plastic pollution, microplastics and human health while harnessing local expertise to build communication campaigns to spark more sustainable production and consumption behaviors. We are also leading collaborations to promote sustainable practices throughout the health sector in Vietnam, including a technical working group to implement a green hospital initiative that promotes sustainable practices in the health sector.

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