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USAID Support to End Tuberculosis

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Viet Nam
2020 - 2025

The overarching goal of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Support to End Tuberculosis project is to support the Government of Vietnam to successfully detect, treat and prevent tuberculosis (TB). The project team will work with all levels of the country’s health system to decentralize technical expertise.

The TB response must equitably address complex stigma, gender and sociocultural issues to reach populations most at risk for TB. The five-year project supports the government in its effort to end TB by 2030, which is defined as reducing TB incidence by 90 percent, reducing TB mortality by 95 percent and reducing patient catastrophic costs to zero.

FHI 360 partners with the National TB Program of the Vietnam National Lung Hospital to achieve these objectives:

  • Improve the quality of TB service delivery in communities and health facilities in priority provinces
  • Improve access to comprehensive detection, treatment and prevention of drug-susceptible and drug-resistant TB
  • Advance local ownership of the TB response in priority provinces by assisting subnational governments to transition from donor to domestic financing using social health insurance

The project operates in USAID priority provinces, spanning the north, central and southern regions of Vietnam. Expansion to additional provinces will be done primarily through technical assistance to scale up the project’s models at the national level, working with the National Tuberculosis Program and other donor-funded projects, such as the Global Fund.

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