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USAID Career Center

  • Morocco
2015 - 2020

The USAID Career Center project in Morocco is designed to improve youth employability by utilizing a systems approach that fosters and encourages stronger connections between public and private sector actors, educators, employers, relevant Moroccan governmental institutions and most importantly, youth themselves.

FHI 360 and its partners, International Research and Exchange Board (IREX), Education for Employment (EFE) and Golden Resources (GR), implement the program, which will establish six career development centers linked to universities and the vocational training system and incorporate work readiness training into the Moroccan tertiary education system, vocational training system and workplaces.

The USAID Career Center is engaging with employers to initiate the process of co-developing, evaluating and preparing to offer relevant workforce training curricula, work-based learning strategies and services as a value proposition that will directly relate to their businesses.

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