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Strengthening the National Education System

  • El Salvador
Millennium Challenge Corporation
2018 - 2020

FHI 360 is implementing the Strengthening the National Education System program to strengthen primary and secondary education in El Salvador. This program, funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation, supports the Government of El Salvador in developing a flexible and dynamic workforce that can meet the demands of a quickly evolving global economy. The program uses a comprehensive, systems-based approach to improve the quality of primary and secondary education so that students can develop the skills they need to succeed in school, work and life.

FHI 360 is working in partnership with FOMILENIO II — the entity responsible for administering Millennium Challenge Corporation awards in El Salvador — and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology to improve education quality in 349 schools across the country and to strengthen ministry capacity at the regional and central levels in these areas:

  • Training principals in school management and training teachers in subject-specific academic content, effective instructional strategies for multigrade classrooms and social-emotional development
  • Strengthening regional ministry staff to provide coaching to teachers and principals in effective classroom instruction and school management
  • Helping to establish functioning school governance councils composed of students, parents, teachers and principals
  • Developing curricula and educational materials for grades 1 through 11, including a redesign of the language curriculum, and building the ministry’s capacity to develop and implement national and international learning assessments
  • Designing and updating technical vocational courses to prepare upper-secondary students for a successful transition into the workforce
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