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Next Engineers

GE Foundation
2021 - 2026

Next Engineers is a global initiative, funded by the GE Foundation, to inspire youth to pursue careers in engineering. While open to all students, the program focuses on increasing the diversity of engineering professionals – particularly by reaching girls and other historically underrepresented groups. Next Engineers launched in 2021, with the goal of reaching 14,000 students in four cities worldwide by 2026.

Through instruction and hands-on activities, Next Engineers introduces students ages 13 to 18 to the world of engineering, providing them with educational and career opportunities they may not otherwise experience. The free, outside-of-school program offers students three ways to participate:

  • Engineering Discovery, which builds engineering awareness for students ages 13 to 14 through exploratory activities and demonstrations
  • Engineering Camp, a week-long summer camp that immerses students ages 14 to 15 in the engineering process as they work with professional engineers to solve real-world design challenges
  • Engineering Academy, a three-year college-preparatory program in which students ages 15 to 18 complete a series of immersive design challenges, career coaching and college-readiness workshops. Graduates of the academy who are accepted into a university engineering program will earn scholarship support from Next Engineers

FHI 360 serves as the global implementing partner for Next Engineers and coordinates and supports community partners in each target city. Community partners customize programs to the needs of the community and its youth and implement all activities. Next Engineers also relies heavily on the engineering and career expertise offered by local GE businesses and volunteers, educational institutions, community organizations and other participating industries.

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