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Middle East Education Research, Training and Support (MEERS)

  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Yemen
2017 - 2021

The Middle East Education Research, Training and Support (MEERS) initiative supports data collection and analysis, research, training and capacity building related to the most pressing education issues in the Middle East and North Africa region. It focuses on crises and their effects on learners, teachers, and education systems and outcomes.

As a subcontractor to Social Impact, the FHI 360 MEERS team leads the design and development of education data solutions for the humanitarian crises in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Activities include conducting research studies, organizing conferences and trainings for global stakeholders on education in emergencies (EiE) data issues and challenges, and building the global EiE data infrastructure.

These activities seek to raise stakeholder awareness about existing public data resources. FHI 360 has produced several global resources under MEERS to guide practitioners in navigating the current EiE data landscape, all informed by comprehensive research and made available online through the Education Conflict and Crisis Network. In partnership with the Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE) and the Network for International Policies and Cooperation in Education and Training, MEERS also acts as a global convener, harnessing the expertise of EiE data stakeholders from more than 50 organizations to craft recommendations and support the launch of an expert group within INEE.


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