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Let's Stop HIV Together: HIV Communication Campaign

  • United States
2018 - 2024

FHI 360 has long been at the forefront of efforts to stop HIV and AIDS, drawing on our expertise in HIV prevention and treatment and the promotion of positive social and behavior change. FHI 360 currently manages several HIV media campaigns for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, under the Let’s Stop HIV Together initiative (formerly Act Against Aids). This initiative represents an integrated approach to increase awareness about HIV and AIDS, reduce HIV stigma among all Americans, promote the importance of HIV testing and prevention options, and encourage people living with HIV to begin and stay in treatment.

Under this initiative are several campaigns that FHI 360 supports:

  • Doing It – a bilingual campaign to encourage all adults to get tested for HIV and know their status
  • HIV Treatment Works – a campaign to promote the benefits of HIV treatment and encourage people living with HIV to begin and stay in care
  • Stop HIV Stigma – a national campaign to raise awareness of and address stigma against people living with HIV
  • Start Talking. Stop HIV. – a campaign that encourages gay and bisexual men to have open, honest and accurate conversations about HIV prevention and treatment

FHI 360 supports these campaigns by coordinating, developing and executing various communication projects across four main tasks: creative product development, social and digital media, partnerships and events, and media buying. These efforts are guided by the Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention priorities of target audiences and outcomes for HIV prevention communication and focus on a continuum of care for all. FHI 360’s team of experts in social marketing and communication, HIV and design has created a robust, cohesive portfolio of campaign materials to increase audience engagement.

FHI 360’s approach emphasizes a focus on partnerships in key cities across the United States. Through outreach activities and community-based events, we leverage the ability of FHI 360 staff and local organizations to reach priority audiences.

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