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FHI 360 envisions a world where women and girls have access to an expansive range of family planning (FP) methods to meet their changing needs throughout their reproductive lives. This vision drives the research agenda set forth under Envision FP, Transforming Contraception to Expand Access and Choice, a five-year project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Envision FP is USAID’s flagship contraceptive technology research project. Its goal is to develop, introduce and expand understanding of contraceptive technologies to enhance choice and reduce unmet need.

Proposed contraceptive technology research agenda 

More than 220 million women in developing countries have unmet family planning needs. Envision FP will contribute directly to the development of new and improved contraceptive products that are safe and more affordable and have fewer side effects. As a result, the number of new users of modern family planning methods is expected to increase, while the number of those who discontinue and risk unplanned pregnancy is expected to decrease. 

The Envision FP research agenda has three aims:

  • Refine existing products to enhance safety, use and acceptability 
  • Develop new methods that address significant gaps in the existing method mix 
  • Respond to product-related issues from the field that could affect provider or user perceptions or provision

Rapid response to field-generated product concerns

When concerns about contraceptives arise in the field, loss of trust can lead to dramatic disruptions in procurement, provision and uptake. Through Envision FP, FHI 360’s rapid response team will address concerns about the quality or safety of contraceptive commodities by researching corrective action options, making recommendations to key stakeholders, working with stakeholders to develop resolution plans and providing post-incident monitoring. 

Work under Envision FP builds on FHI 360’s experience over four decades in the research, development and introduction of new contraceptive methods. The project leverages FHI 360’s Contraceptive Technology Innovation Initiative, a research grant funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 

For more information or to report a product-related issue, please contact us.

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Funder: USAID
Duration: 2015 - 2020