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Educational Innovation Project (EIP)

  • El Salvador
2022 - 2027

In El Salvador, limited education and employment opportunities drive people to migrate. Our Educational Innovation Project (EIP), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), works to put safe, quality and inclusive education within reach for learners throughout the country.

To this end, EIP aims to improve the foundational reading and math skills and psychosocial well-being of 80,000 students in grades 2–6, especially learners from marginalized communities. The project also supports 2,050 teachers with professional development and coaching programs and strengthens the capacity of higher education institutions to conduct research on basic education and engage in evidence-based advocacy for improving basic education.

We implement the project’s activities by working directly with El Salvador’s Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as well as local and international organizations: ConTextos, Fundación Crisalida Internacional (Glasswing International), Fundación Pro Educación de El Salvador (El Salvador Pro Education Foundation), Fundación Salvador del Mundo (Savior of the World Foundation) and Inclusive Development Partners.

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