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Defeat TB

  • Kyrgyzstan
2014 - 2019

The Defeat TB project in Kyrgyzstan supports universal and equitable access to tuberculosis (TB) services for vulnerable populations and reduces the spread of multidrug-resistant TB through a strengthened and sustainable health system.

The project addresses the improvement of TB diagnosis and treatment, with support from communities and the government on all levels of the health care system. Defeat TB also supports the National Tuberculosis Program in implementing the Den Sooluk Health Care Strategy on TB and shifting to patient-centered care.

Areas of focus include:

  • Supporting community groups and local nongovernmental organizations in the fight against TB
  • Training and capacity building for health care workers
  • Improving laboratory quality
  • Controlling infection
  • Building connections between the TB system, primary health care, general hospitals, the HIV vertical system and the prison system
  • Creating policy dialogues to improve the legal and regulatory environment and health financing systems to improve TB outcomes
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