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Communications, Marketing and Technical Assistance, Strategies and Support for the Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity

  • United States
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
2010 - 2025

FHI 360 recommends and implements strategic communications efforts for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity (DNPAO). Our services range from technical assistance and training to digital media strategies, web support and video production.

  • Training and technical assistance: FHI 360 is responsible for almost all communication technical assistance and training for DNPAO, including planning, implementation and evaluation. We lead monthly webinars, consultations, on-site and remote trainings and provide support through individual emails and telephone calls. Each month, we organize up to five peer-to-peer-facilitated discussions in which DNPAO awardees learn how to better achieve programmatic objectives through strategic communication.
  • Materials development and dissemination: FHI 360 has created collateral material that gives a coordinated message, look and feel to the DNPAO and its programs. We also produce videos, podcasts, radio spots, print advertisements and matte articles for the CDC, its awardees and others interested in promoting community health. FHI 360 conducted a national media buy, including print, radio, and digital materials, as part of an educational initiative supporting efforts to improve community health in African-American and Hispanic communities.
  • Web and social media support: FHI 360 provides strategic planning, content development, site maintenance, analytic evaluation and promotion for four DNPAO websites. Additionally, we develop tip sheets and guides, widgets, badges, buttons and social media content for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and other channels.
  • Communication research and evaluation: FHI 360 conducts message testing using focus groups, triads and online surveys, and other methodologies to help the CDC and its awardees articulate the benefits and need for a multisector approach to community health. We lead expert panels, conduct content analyses and provide secondary analyses of consumer data to inform and plan implementation and evaluation efforts. We conduct advertisement analyses to better understand effectiveness among various populations.
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