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Alive & Thrive

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • Ethiopia
  • India
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Nigeria
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • Viet Nam
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Government of Ireland, UNICEF, World Bank, U.N. World Food Programme, World Health Organization
2008 - 2026

FHI 360 is working to improve the health and well-being of women, infants, young children and adolescents through the Alive & Thrive initiative. We work with governments and partners to develop and deliver solutions to nutrition challenges, provide strategic technical assistance, and conduct nutrition research to generate data-driven insights.

During its initial phase (2008–2014), Alive & Thrive demonstrated that rapid improvements in infant and young child feeding in Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Viet Nam are possible when strategic, high-impact nutrition interventions are implemented. The initiative has since expanded its geographic and technical reach. Today, Alive & Thrive works to integrate nutrition interventions into health, food systems, education programs and social protection systems in more than 15 countries.

For more information on Alive & Thrive, visit the project’s website.

Alive & Thrive

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