FHI 360 at the Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023

A community member participates in an FHI 360 tuberculosis (TB) case finding activity inside a mobile medical unit in the Philippines. FHI 360 is creating innovative technologies and strategies to help the Philippines’ Department of Health and other national partners achieve the country’s targets for TB elimination by 2035. Credit: Dante Diosina, Jr. for FHI 360

Lung health experts from around the world will gather in Paris, France, for the Union World Conference on Lung Health to share the latest scientific evidence on respiratory health topics such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), COVID-19, tuberculosis (TB), tobacco control and more.


Every day, patients with a cough have to decide where to seek care. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical need for accessible, comprehensive, coordinated and continuous health care, especially for vulnerable populations.


FHI 360 works to ensure access to quality respiratory health services wherever people choose to seek care by strengthening health care systems and addressing health challenges with innovative solutions that can be replicated and scaled. At the conference, FHI 360 will lead satellite sessions and present oral abstracts and e-posters to share the latest evidence generated by our research and programmatic implementation efforts.


Follow FHI 360 on social media to learn more about our work and visit our exhibition booth (A3312) at the conference to meet our staff.

FHI 360 is mobilizing research, resources and relationships so people everywhere have access to the opportunities they need to lead full and healthy lives.

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Technical presence

TuesdayNovember 14

08:25–08:40 CET WS-04 Ultra-portable X-ray with CAD for TB screening and triage: Philippines Experience Workshop
Room 241
FHI 360 presenter: Lalaine Mortera

WednesdayNovember 15

18:30–20 CET SS05 No Wrong Door: Leveraging Lessons in Emergency Response to Recenter Respiratory Care Around the Patient Satellite session
Room 251
Organizer: FHI 360
FHI 360 presenters: Emily Headrick, Robert Makombe, Mirwais Rahimzai

ThursdayNovember 16

8:30–10 CET OA14-313-16 Reaching the unreached: Access to TrueNat technology as a near point-of-care test within communities in Bangladesh Oral abstract session
Room 231M+232M
FHI 360 presenter: Sarder Tanzir Hossain
8:30–10 CET SOA10-885-16 TB recovery strategies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic: screening in high-yield communities to find missing people with TB Short oral abstract session
Room 252AB
FHI 360 presenter: Hien Thu Mai
14:15–14:20 CET EP16-1147-16 Ensuring access to quality-assured TB diagnostics through the implementation of quality management system in selected TB laboratories in the Philippines e-Poster
FHI 360 presenter: Maricar Silva
15:00–16:30 CET OA24-390-16 Transitioning funding of TB care to sustainable social health insurance: An implementation case study from Vietnam Oral abstract session
Room 231M+232M
FHI 360 presenter: Huong Thi Lan Nguyen
15:00–16:30 CET OA26-405-16 Strengthening the laboratory network. A demonstration of DataToCare laboratory connectivity solution strategy in the Philippines Oral abstract session
Room 202/203
FHI 360 presenter: Leveriza Coprada
16:45–18:15 CET OA29-426-16 Can artificial intelligence be used to detect subclinical pulmonary TB in the Philippines? Oral abstract session
Room 242 B
FHI 360 presenter: Jeremiah Calderon

OA29-428-16 Quality assurance of computer-aided detection to improve chest X-ray interpretation in facility- and community-based tuberculosis screening: experience from Vietnam Oral abstract session
Room 242 B
FHI 360 presenter: Trang Thi Thu Le

OA29-429-16 Feasibility of computer-aided detection to improve chest X-ray interpretation: results from district-level health facilities in a high TB burden country Oral abstract session
Room 242 B
FHI 360 presenter: Linh Gia Hoang

SaturdayNovember 18

8:30–10 CET OA58-654-18 Adaptation of active case-finding through “hybrid” approaches in Vietnam: outreach and linkage to facilities increases TB screening Oral abstract session
Room 253
FHI 360 presenter: Linh Gia Hoang
13:15–14:45 CET OA69-750-18 #TBFreePH Online Patient Support Group: saving lives one posting at a time Oral abstract session
Room 241
FHI 360 presenter: Argemielyn Cadua-Pacumio

Media Inquiries

For questions about FHI 360's presence at this event, reach out to our team.
Christy Delafield
Associate Director, External Communications