FHI 360 at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference 2024

A group of approximately 50 people sits in chairs in an outdoor courtyard in the Philippines.

January 22–27, 2024
Bangkok, Thailand

Citizens from across the Batangas province in the Philippines attending the Lung Month Celebration Forum. The event was co-facilitated by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Tuberculosis Innovations and Health Systems Strengthening (TBIHSS) project to promote inclusion and health equity for underserved populations in the Philippines. Participants received free chest X-rays, which were interpreted using artificial intelligence (AI). AI interpretation of chest X-rays can lead to fast, accurate diagnoses of tuberculosis (TB). Photo credit: Dante Diosina Jr. for FHI 360

Global leaders, health experts, and policymakers from around the world come together each year at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference (PMAC). This year, FHI 360 will contribute its unique insights to the theme of “Geopolitics, human security and health equity in an era of polycrises.”


Participants will explore how geopolitics since World War II have affected global health and discuss how we can address these influences as we strive to create a more equitable world in the face of multiple crises.


FHI 360 has been involved in planning and supporting the PMAC International Organizing Committee (IOC) since PMAC 2020. This year, FHI 360 will lead, moderate, present and coordinate main conference sessions, side events, and poster sessions.

FHI 360 technical presence

Below are highlights of FHI 360’s technical presence at PMAC 2024. View the full conference schedule.

Side event In-person

Tuesday, January 23
2–4 p.m. BKK
Lotus Suite 7
Health Equity Amidst Polycrises: Climate-Smart Healthcare in Asia-Pacific
Organizers: FHI 360, Asian Development Bank, Health Systems Global, Health Care Without Harm Southeast Asia, St. Luke’s Medical Center College of Medicine, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Thailand
FHI 360 Presenters: Coming soon

Parallel Sessions In-person

Friday, January 26
3–5 p.m. BKK
Location TBC
PS3.3: Decolonizing Institutions and Governance – Moving from Rhetoric to Reform? FHI 360 Presenters: Thu Ba Huynh, Asia Pacific Regional Office; Tessie San Martin, United States
Friday, January 26
3–5 p.m. BKK
Location TBC
PS3.4: Understanding the Role of Gender and Sexuality in Global Health Inequalities: Addressing Biases and Promoting Inclusivity FHI 360 Presenter: Allysha Maragh-Bass, United States

Poster Exhibitions In-person

Friday, January 26
10:15–10:30 BKK
Poster exhibition area, session 6, poster slot A06, abstract ID A126
South-to-south collaboration: A learning model for oxygen ecosystem strengthening FHI 360 Presenter: Tran Thi Thanh Quy, Viet Nam
Friday, January 26
12:30–12:45 BKK
Poster exhibition area, session 7, poster slot A07, abstract ID A035
Strengthening Myanmar’s TB response by investing in local ownership FHI 360 Presenter: Phyo Wai Tun, Myanmar
Friday, January 26
12:45–13:00 BKK
Poster exhibition area, session 8, poster slot C08, abstract ID A082
Increasing the Quality of Malaria Detection through Microscopy and External Quality Evaluation at the Regional Level in Haiti FHI 360 Presenter: Edet Hamel, Haiti

Media Inquiries

For questions about the event, please reach out to:
Jennifer Garcia
Media Relations Manager, FHI 360