FHI 360 at the 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health

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October 20-24, 2020
Virtual Conference

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the fight to end tuberculosis (TB) continues. This year’s virtual Union Conference provides an opportunity to advance efforts to prevent TB and COVID-19 as well as to look at the intersections between them.


Integrating prevention and high-impact treatment practices into national TB programs creates locally sustainable solutions. The global health community is making progress, but gaps still remain. One-third of people living with TB are undiagnosed or go unreported, which is why FHI 360 is committed to developing and implementing evidence-based interventions and innovative tools for finding and treating missing people with TB in both the public and private sector. More than two-thirds of people with TB symptoms in high-burden countries seek care in the private-sector health system but may not be correctly diagnosed or receiving appropriate treatment. Our engagement with the private sector has resulted in lower drug prices and the removal of treatment barriers for people living with multidrug-resistant TB.


Explore our technical presence at this year’s conference and learn more about FHI 360’s work to reduce the burden of this preventable and treatable infectious disease.

FHI 360 technical presence


Exploring the attitudes and practices of pharmacy professionals toward dispensing NTP-provided FDCs
Lead author: Vania Gones
Type: Oral
Knowledge, attitudes and current practices and roles of pharmacy professionals concerning tuberculosis treatment in Indonesia
Lead author: Vania Gones
Type: Poster
Hore! Tibi Sembuh (Hore! Tibi is cured): A storybook about childhood TB management and TB preventive therapy
Lead author: Trishanty Rondonuwu
Type: Pre-recorded session for Community Connect


Intensified case finding among outpatients and their companions by using chest X-ray with artificial intelligence software for tuberculosis triaging in the Philippines
Lead author: Sein Sein Thi
Type: Poster
A “new normal” for health service provider capacity building in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines
Lead author: Ruth Orilazza-Chi
Type: Poster
Improving TB case finding through pharmacies using digital tools in Manila City, Philippines
Lead author: Eden Mendoza-Hisey
Type: Oral


Targeted intervention to strengthen treatment monitoring by follow-up sputum testing among ambulatory pulmonary MDR-TB patient in Xi and Western China
Lead author: Luo Hui
Type: Poster
Reduced nutritional risks and improved dietary pattern among MDR-TB clients enrolling patient-centered care in Xi'an, Shaanxi province, China
Lead author: He Xiaomou
Type: Poster
Implementation of a supportive care package to strengthen DR TB patients’ adherence to treatment in Xi’an, China
Lead author: Zhao Ali
Type: Oral
Evaluation of the integrated MDR/RR TB patient management approach implemented in Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, Hubei Province, China
Lead author: Qi Nie
Type: Poster
A multisectoral approach to strengthen patient-centered MDR-TB care field experience from Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China
Lead author: Pan Jingjing
Type: Oral
What patient-centered care really means: Field experiences from frontline care providers in Hubei Province, China, in the time of COVID-19 outbreak
Lead author: Ruan Yunzhou
Type: Oral

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