COVID-19 is having a profound impact on families and communities that will last over the long term. From the urgent need for pandemic control and response, to the expanded demand for distance learning, to the eventual rebuilding of economies — FHI 360 will be here through it all.


We are working with our partners to provide a full range of support: facilitating COVID-19 vaccine and treatment trials, developing remote learning plans and socio-emotional support systems for children and youth, leveraging our HIV and TB programs in more than 40 countries to support countrywide COVID-19 treatment and response, and much more.


COVID-19 may be new to the world, but our ability to respond quickly to emerging infectious diseases is not. We have been here through Zika, Ebola, HIV and cholera and through natural disasters and acts of war. This time will be no different.

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Director, Business Development and Diversification

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Associate Director, External Communications
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