Our strategy for 2023-2025

Meeting the moment

The COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are the latest manifestations of a seemingly unending succession of interconnected crises that imperil health, well-being and security. These crises have effectively wiped out many of the past decade’s gains in reducing extreme poverty, eradicating infectious diseases, and improving access to education and economic opportunity.

This uncertainty and instability further the already eroding cohesion within societies and fuel greater inequality. Almost everywhere FHI 360 works, our teams and partners are witnessing sharp upticks in displacement, impoverishment and competition for increasingly scarce resources.

To meet the moment, we must move beyond the 20th-century notions of development that shaped how funders and their partners work. We must place local leadership and local priorities first — and make locally led development and localization a reality so that positive change endures for generations to come.

FHI 360 believes that the challenges people face today — along with shifts in how development programs are conceptualized and delivered — demand that we reimagine how we invest our talent and assets and how we operate.

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A father in Yemen comforts his child while offering Plumpy’Nut®, a treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Photo credit: Shirley Amimo for FHI 360