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Use of a Community-Based Revolving Fund to Promote Condoms and Water-Based Lubricants among Male and Transgender Sex Workers in Bangkok, Thailand

March 2010 — In Bangkok, the HIV prevalence rate among men who have sex with men and who also engage in commercial sex reached 31 percent in 2007. To manage this dramatic increase in prevalence rates across Bangkok, FHI 360 began supporting the implementation of services for HIV prevention, care, support and treatment for men who have sex with men and transgender sex workers in Bangkok’s red-light areas. Specifically, FHI 360 started assisting the Service Worker In Group (SWING) in promoting condoms and water-based lubricants among male and transgender sex workers.

This publication provides a detailed description of the development and implementation of SWING’s community-based revolving fund to promote condoms and water-based lubricants, as well as the success and impact of this program to date.