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Social Protection Mixed Methods Study: Baseline Evaluation

April 2019 — This report presents the results of a 2018 baseline assessment conducted prior to nutrition interventions among children in Bangladesh. The interventions are designed to improve undernutrition through two multisectoral approaches, one of which includes a conditional cash transfer component. A secondary objective was to compare the intervention package without the conditional cash transfer component to standard practice.

The assessment evaluates several indicators, such as minimum dietary diversity; minimum meal frequency; household food security; water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) knowledge and practices; and gender norms. The results are grouped into categories: sociodemographic and household characteristics; antenatal care and delivery; maternal minimum dietary diversity; mothers’ knowledge, attitudes and practices about maternal nutrition, infant and young child feeding, complementary feeding, supplements, diarrhea and health services; infant and young child feeding indicators; and household decision-making.