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Guide to the Good Governance Barometer

April 2015 — The Good Governance Barometer is a both a social accountability tool and a development planning tool. Through a participatory modeling and evaluation process, the tool translates the complexities of a specific local governance system into locally appropriate indicators and a clear distillation of that system’s strengths and weaknesses. The distillation is used to plan development priorities across sectors, measure their effectiveness and advocate for governance improvement. The Good Governance Barometer is a Senegal-specific iteration of the Local Governance Barometer, which was developed in 2006 by Idasa, Impact Alliance, Pact and SNV.

This guide details the process and how FHI 360 applied it to the USAID/Senegal Program for Governance and Peace from 2010 to 2015. It also includes a description of the six phases of implementation, considerations for follow-up and sustainability, limitations of the tool and selected results from Senegal.