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Community-led Monitoring Resources

July 2021 — The EpiC project’s Community-led Monitoring (CLM) resources empower program participants and the local community to monitor and improve the quality of HIV services. As described in the technical guide, the CLM system has four components for collecting client feedback, negotiating quality improvement solutions with health providers and decision-makers, and monitoring progress toward addressing issues to ensure clients receive optimal client-centered HIV services. The four components provide multiple channels for reporting sensitive issues, which complement each other to provide a comprehensive view into the HIV service experience. Each component can also be implemented on its own.

The Community-Led Monitoring Technical Guide provides steps and tools for implementation, outlines attributes of each component and illustrates how the four components come together to function as a single monitoring system. (PDF)

  1. LINK technical guide: An electronic client feedback system for HIV programs (PDF)
  2. Community Scorecard Group Facilitator and Key Informant Interviewer Training: To build facilitation and interviewing skills as part of the community scorecard process (PDF, PowerPoint)
  3. Adverse Event Prevention, Monitoring, Investigation and Response in Index Testing: A collection of resources to help PEPFAR-funded programs meet the requirements of safe and ethical index testing
  4. Implementer and Data Security: A collection of resources for strengthening the security and mitigating the risks of HIV service implementers working with key populations