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Succeed 2020: North Dakota Education and Workforce Development

  • United States
Hess Corporation
2012 - 2018

Succeed 2020 has a bold and ambitious overarching goal — successful transition from school to college and careers for all North Dakota students. Achievement of this goal will require active participation of multiple stakeholders, including state and local leaders, school districts, educational institutions, Native American groups, the Hess Corporation and the FHI 360 team. Progress toward the initiative’s goal will be measured by three indicators — higher scores on the ACT exam, on-time completion of secondary school and reduced need for remedial courses at the postsecondary level.

North Dakota’s eight regional education associations (REAs) have responsibility for implementing this initiative, with each collaborating with a wide range of partners. In leading this initiative, the REAs work with their partners to design and implement activities in three core strategy areas: ongoing college and career counseling and planning, access to and success in rigorous academic and career technical education preparation, and targeted and coordinated supports. Throughout the initiative, they will be expected to collect, analyze and use data to improve student outcomes.

FHI 360 provides technical support to Succeed 2020 at both the REA and state levels. Each REA has a designated FHI 360 liaison who assists with strategic planning and project implementation. FHI 360 staff also serve on the project’s steering committee and support technical assistance, such as efforts to launch a statewide college and career planning curriculum.

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