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Strengthening Civil Society Globally (SCS Global)

  • East and Southern Africa Regional Office
2016 - 2021

Strengthening Civil Society Globally (SCS Global) is a five-year Leader with Associates cooperative agreement that offers U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Missions and operating units a flexible, worldwide platform for designing and implementing projects that address development challenges across sectors. SCS Global projects can:

  • Galvanize citizen participation
  • Foster a positive shift in government responsiveness to citizen demands
  • Improve freedom of information
  • Integrate principles of participation, inclusion, transparency and accountability into all development sectors

Under the Leader Award, FHI 360 will pursue a cutting-edge research agenda on effective civil society practices. SCS Global can be used to launch projects on a range of development topics:

  • Enhancing the capacity of civil society and media
  • Supporting enabling environments for civic participation, access to information and increased respect for civil society’s rights and freedoms
  • Support civil society and media in closed and closing spaces
  • Supporting constituency mobilization by civil society
  • Promoting a culture to enhance democracy, human rights and governance (DRG) and other sectors
  • Supporting independent media and open information environments
  • Strengthen citizen oversight of government functions to increase transparency and accountability
  • Using context-appropriate information and communication technologies (ICTs) safely and effectively
  • Democracy, human rights and governance (DRG) integration
  • Support to marginalized populations

Associate Awards under the SCS Global agreement may be executed until May 8, 2021, and may continue for an additional five years until May 8, 2026.

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