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Care and Support for Improved Patient Outcomes (CaSIPO)

  • East and Southern Africa Regional Office
  • South Africa
2013 - 2018

The Care and Support for Improved Patient Outcome (CaSIPO) project is designed to support and strengthen the integration of care and support services (for example, palliative care) within the broader health system. The project seeks to strengthen community systems and organizations to ensure the provision of a continuum of comprehensive care and support services. 

Key project interventions include reviewing and integrating comprehensive care and support-palliative care (CCS-PC) into policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures for adults, children and adolescents, and supporting national, provincial and district government structures in integrating CCS-PC in all health care and social welfare structures. 

FHI 360 leads the provision of capacity-building assistance to the Government of South Africa, with the goal of mainstreaming comprehensive care and support into all national policies, guidelines, management and coordination structures. This is achieved by embedding senior-level technical staff at the national and provincial level who work closely with department managers to review existing policies and develop new policies and guidelines. 

Hospice Palliative Care Association of South Africa is the lead implementer for this project, working in partnership with FHI 360, the Foundation for Professional Development and South Africa Partners.

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