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Augmenting Evidence for Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5) Partner Consortium

  • United States
CDC Foundation
2019 - 2020

FHI 360 works with the CDC Foundation to create how-to guides to educate public health practitioners and other multisector partners on earned income tax credits and public transportation, two policy areas that can impact health outcomes. The guides will equip readers with practical, engaging and straightforward information showing how to talk about these issues in the context of health, how to promote policy change and which policy steps are necessary to increase participation or uptake with practitioners.

FHI 360 and the CDC Foundation are crafting language to motivate public health practitioners, and the audiences they communicate with, to seek transformative policy change. The guides — which include success stories and case examples — will show how earned income tax credits and public transportation can lead communities to thrive in terms of health, productivity, economic development and quality of life. FHI 360’s in-house creative team, Design Lab, is designing the guides with engaging graphics and user-friendly formatting.

This project stems from a larger Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) initiative, Health Impact in 5 Years (HI-5), that highlights nonclinical, communitywide approaches proven to achieve positive health impacts within five years or less, at low cost or with cost-savings over time. Communitywide approaches can have a broad health impact, often addressing several health conditions at once. From HI-5’s inception, FHI 360 worked with the CDC to develop the initiative’s messaging and design, complementing FHI 360’s successful work on the related 6|18 initiative, which focused on community-clinical linkages to improve health.

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