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Qualitative Research Methods: A Data Collector's Field Guide

2005 — This how-to guide covers the mechanics of data collection for applied qualitative research. It is appropriate for novice and experienced researchers alike. It can be used as both a training tool and a daily reference manual for field team members. The question and answer format and modular design make it easy for readers to find information on a particular topic quickly. The Data Collector's Field Guide includes:

  • Self-contained modules for each research method (including participant observation, in-depth interviews and focus group discussions)
  • Ethical guidelines for each method
  • Case study samples with notes, forms and transcripts
  • Tips for taking field notes for specific methods
  • Steps and checklists for what to do and bring for each type of data collection
  • Exercises for training data collectors in each method
  • Tools for data managers
  • Suggested readings