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Programme d'Appui à la Résilience Communautaire au Cameroun (PARC-Cameroon)

  • Cameroon
2022 - 2027

The Programme d’Appui à la Résilience Communautaire au Cameroun (or “Community Resilience Support Program in Cameroon,” in English – PARC-Cameroon, for short) is supporting local civil society organizations (CSOs) and strategic partners (SPs) to (1) more effectively represent and serve their communities and (2) achieve their development goals. Through the PARC-Cameroon program, CSOs, SPs and community stakeholders participate in trainings and collaborative prioritization activities to develop their skills in engaging constituents, conducting advocacy and providing services to communities.

Amplifying the strengths and broadening the reach of Cameroon’s civil society allows communities to have a reliable, accessible, and resilient support network and a strengthened capacity to respond to development challenges.

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