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Madagascar Foundational Skills for a Better Future (USAID LOVA)

  • Madagascar
2023 - 2028

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Madagascar Foundational Skills for a Better Future program (USAID LOVA, for short) is working to improve the foundational skills of more than 60,000 Malagasy learners. The program focuses on improving literacy and math instruction in primary schools, enhancing pre-service teacher professional development, and strengthening traditional and nontraditional learning systems by promoting the use of data-driven decision-making.

Gaining foundational skills requires effective instruction, which can only be delivered by teachers who are supported with the right tools, networks and professional development. That’s why USAID LOVA works directly with Madagascar’s Ministry of National Education to revise the teacher preparation curriculum so that it aligns with the country’s new reading and math programs, revitalize teacher professional development programs, establish teacher networks and distribute instructional tools. The program not only supports teachers in teaching literacy and math but also in promoting social emotional learning, gender equality, safeguarding, social inclusion and universal design in their classrooms.

USAID LOVA also strengthens educational systems through data-sharing by introducing digital tools, leveraging existing regional education forums, and establishing committees for researching educational challenges and advocating for data-driven decision-making.

To ensure the use of inclusive, gender-sensitive and climate-informed approaches in achieving its goals, USAID LOVA works closely with the Ministry of National Education, SIL LEAD and local organizations.

By focusing on improving literacy and math learning outcomes in safe and inclusive learning environments, USAID LOVA is helping more young learners gain the foundational skills they need to shape their own futures.

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