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Local Partner Development

  • Jamaica
2017 - 2023

The Local Partner Development project in Jamaica is a five-year, capacity-strengthening initiative that FHI 360 is implementing. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)/Jamaica, this project supports the mission’s overarching development objective to improve the ability of communities to withstand, alleviate and respond to environmental threats and factors that increase citizen vulnerability. The specific goal of the project is to build the capacity of Jamaican nongovernmental organizations, social enterprises, community-based organizations, civil society organizations and government entities that partner with the USAID/Jamaica Office of Citizen Security to become effective, sustainable actors in the effort to improve citizen security and social cohesion.

To achieve this goal, the project incorporates four key components:

Strengthening the capacity of local entities. Entails conducting detailed organizational capacity assessments of intermediate service organizations and civil society organizations, then developing tailored capacity-building and long-term mentoring plans for participating local organizations.

Supporting social enterprises through a business incubator model. Provides training and mentorship and helps generate funding to build the capacity and sustainability of social enterprises in a way that is practical, hands-on and targeted to their specific needs.

Improving the enabling environment for civil society organizations and social enterprises. Includes conducting an analysis of the laws and policies that affect these groups to advise them on strategies to effect policy reforms, such as conducting advocacy campaigns and providing technical assistance.

Promoting collaboration among civil society organizations, the government and the private sector. Involves applying FHI 360’s SCALE+ methodology to promote collective impact, peer learning, solutions exchange, networking and discussion of challenges among targeted local organizations about what works and what needs adjustment to achieve greater citizen security and social cohesion.

This project builds on previous programs that were supported through the USAID/Jamaica Office of Citizen Security, and it incorporates the insights of stakeholders in the civil society and citizen security sectors. Throughout its implementation, the project will include monitoring, evaluation and learning to effectively adapt to changing circumstances.

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