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Civil Society and Media Project

  • Myanmar (Burma)
2014 - 2018

The project will help civil society and media organizations become active participants in the democratic transition process. The Civil Society and Media Project is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by FHI 360 with its partners Voluntary Service Overseas and the Public International Law and Policy Group. The four-year initiative is designed to help organizations run more effectively, reflect the interests of their constituents, advocate positively for and engage in the reform, and achieve financial sustainability.

The project will support civil society and media initiatives to encourage reform, allowing broader segments of the population to enjoy the benefits of Myanmar’s move toward greater openness and freedom since it embarked on this path in 2011. Activities will also seek to increase the amount and quality of information available to the average citizen on the democratic reform process. FHI 360 will provide capacity support on organizational management, build the business and reporting skills of media organizations, and conduct events on executive leadership, disability rights and how to empower citizens to connect to government.

FHI 360 will conduct activities throughout Myanmar. The project will emphasize the equitable inclusion of marginalized populations, including women, people with disabilities, ethnic and religious minorities and geographically isolated communities.

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