FHI 360 at The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2022

Parents seated in pink chairs holding a toddler receiving a packet of pills from a smiling man in an orange shirt

November 8–11, 2022
Virtual conference

The fight to control tuberculosis (TB) globally, which the World Health Organization aims to achieve by 2030, has become all the more urgent, as the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically set the effort back. FHI 360 is a longtime member of the global TB community, and we continue to lead global TB programs designed to strengthen TB service delivery and develop TB research capacity. We are uniquely positioned to discuss the intersection of TB, COVID-19, HIV and AIDS.


FHI 360’s work featured in the 2022 Union World Conference on Lung Health reflects our commitment to the theme “Combating Pandemics: Today and Tomorrow.” Together with our fellow Union members, we continue to work toward the goal of eliminating all lung health pandemics.

FHI 360 technical presence

Below are the highlights of FHI 360's technical presence at IAS 2019. To view the full schedule, please click below:

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Oral Abstracts

Tuesday, November 8
5:00-6:00 p.m. ET
Sensitivity and specificity of computer-aided detection for presumptive TB identification by chest x-ray during active case finding activities in the Philippines
FHI 360 Presenters: Nichel Marquez, Mary Rosary Santiago, Ruth Orillaza-Chi, Soliman Guirgis
Wednesday, November 9
5:00-6:00 p.m. ET
Expanding intensified TB case finding for high-risk groups in Vietnam’s general hospitals using the Double X strategy
FHI 360 Presenters: Hien T. Mai, Ha T.T. Nguyen, Luong V. Quach, Phat T. Huynh, Anh L. Innes
Wednesday, November 9
10:30–11:50 a.m. ET
Evaluation of community-based latent tuberculosis detection using Mantoux tuberculin skin testing (TST) and the QuantiFERON®-TB Gold Plus (QFT-Plus) Interferon-Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) in Vietnam
FHI 360 Presenters: Victoria Lebrun, Phuong T.B. Nguyen, Hien T. Mai, Linh G. Hoang, Anh L. Innes
Friday, November 11
5:00–6:20 p.m. ET
Discordance among TB knowledge, attitudes and practices among 381 pharmacy professionals in Vietnam
FHI 360 Presenters: Trang T.T. Le, Victoria Lebrun, Hien T. Mai, Luong V. Quach, Anh L Innes

E-Poster Sessions

November 8, 2022
Accessible online starting at 4:00 p.m. ET
Utility of a social media platform for interpretation of chest x-rays (CXR) in Cambodia
FHI 360 Presenters: Thor Chanthe, Ea Rithy, Sandeep Meharwal, Pierre-Yves Norval, Ajaykumar Thirumala, Anicet Dahourou, Erica Christie
Motivating persons with drug-resistant TB to complete treatment: Local TB Response (LTBR) experience in Zambezia, Mozambique
FHI 360 Presenters: Inácio Mauricío, Maria José Machai
Am I TB-free?: Changing the future course of TB using digital self-assessment tool for screening
FHI 360 Presenters: Franz Jared Enriquez, Nilo Yacat, Dr. Nichel Marquez, Dr. Soliman Guirgis
We are TB-free: Branding Local Health Workers as TB Navigators
FHI 360 Presenters: Nilo Yacat, Dr. Nichel Marquez, Lester Ouano
Best practice and challenges in improving TB treatment enrollment and adherence support for private health facilities: an experience from Indonesia
FHI 360 Presenters: Surya Windari, Rahmi Aulina, Rini Palupy, Fauziah Asnely Putri, Merry Samsuri

Accessible for the full duration of the conference

Symposium Session

Wednesday, November 9
9:00–10:20 a.m. ET
Supporting national roll-out of contact investigation interventions targeting families and children in Vietnam: reflections on planning, budgeting and monitoring requirements for successful implementation
FHI 360 Presenter: Anh L. Innes


Tuesday, November 8
12:35-12:43 ET
Integrated care – how it helps in improving access
FHI 360 Presenter: Mary Rosary Santiago
Friday, November 11
12:55-13:05 ET
Joining forces for integrated, people-centered care for TB and comorbidities
FHI 360 Presenter: Mary Rosary Santiago
Friday, November 11
1:32-1:31 ET
Improving private sector access to high-quality TB diagnostic services in Gresik, East Java Province, Indonesia
FHI 360 Presenters: Rini Palupy, Ayu Pramadyani, Daniel Sahanggamu, Puspita Whardani, Lisa Stevens
Lead photo credit: Mbuto Machili for FHI 360. Parents of a child receiving directly observed therapy, short-course, from a nearby village in Mozambique receive more TB medication for the child.