FHI 360 at the International Conference on Family Planning 2022


November 14–17, 2022
Pattaya City, Thailand and Virtual

FHI 360 is pleased to join the global community of family planning and sexual and reproductive health experts at the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) 2022. For over 50 years, FHI 360 has been providing cutting-edge leadership in transforming family planning policies and increasing the availability of high-quality contraceptive methods, counseling and services around the world. FHI 360’s work in family planning includes rigorous, multidisciplinary research and research utilization, as well as community-based service delivery, integrated development, product quality and compliance, behavior change communications, and technical expertise in a number of areas.


At ICFP 2022, FHI 360’s family planning and service delivery experts will present nine oral presentations, four flash presentations and six posters and participate in three panels across all conference tracks. A similar number of presentations and posters will be presented by our valued partners from our projects and programs around the world. FHI 360 will also co-host the Implementing Best Practices (IBP) Program Implementation Pre-Conference Event, leading the afternoon session “How Do You Know When You’re Doing It Right? Monitoring Implementation of Family Planning Practices.” We will also host a side event called “Making the Complex, Concrete: Experiences Operationalizing Equity in FP at the Global and Country Level.” Experts from FHI 360 will also present from the ICFP LIVE mainstage on contraceptive technology innovation.

FHI 360 technical presence

Below are the highlights of FHI 360’s technical presence at ICFP 2022. Find out more about our full technical presence by clicking the link below.

Full schedule

Oral presentations

Tuesday, November 15
10:15 a.m. ICT
So Many Tools; How to Choose?
FHI 360 Presenter: Sarah Brittingham
Location: PEACH Pattaya 11
Tuesday, November 15
11:50 a.m. ICT
Improving family planning services through a client feedback mechanism using Method Information Index (Plus) in the private sector in Nepal
FHI 360 Presenter: Srishti Shah
Location: PEACH Pattaya 19
Wednesday, November 16
10:15 a.m. ICT
Keeping Pace with Implant Insertions: A cross-sectional study of client and provider experiences with implant removals in Senegal
FHI 360 Presenter: Aurélie Brunie
Location: PEACH Pattaya 3

Flash presentations

Tuesday, November 15
4:15 p.m. ICT
IUD Self-Removal and Self-Care – What Research is Needed in LMICs?
FHI 360 Presenter: Alice Cartwright
Location: Grand Hotel Orchid Ballroom A
Tuesday, November 15
4:15 p.m. ICT
Mainstreaming gender and youth in integrated PED approaches for sustainable development
FHI 360 Presenter: Marsden Solomon
Location: Beach Hotel Royal Summit Chamber A
Wednesday, November 16
10:15 a.m. ICT
“PrEP should be available all the time and everywhere”: A qualitative assessment of family planning and PrEP integration in Lesotho
FHI 360 Presenter: Audrey Fratus
Location: Beach Hotel Royal Summit Chamber B

Poster Sessions

Tuesday, November 15
12:30 p.m. ICT
Poster Session 2
Implementation of a Global Learning Agenda for the Hormonal IUD
FHI 360 Presenter: Helen Anyasi
Location: Pre-Function Area
Wednesday, November 16
10:00 a.m. ICT
Poster Session 4
Integration of Family Planning into Health and Nutrition Programs in Nepal
FHI 360 Presenter: Madan Raj Bhatt
Location: PEACH Pre-Function Area

Panel Sessions

Thursday, November 17
11:50 a.m. ICT
Connecting the Dots: Documenting adaptations to FP programs in Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, and Nepal
FHI 360 Presenter: Catherine Packer
Location: PEACH Pattaya 15
Thursday, November 17
11:50 a.m. ICT
Research and Learning Agendas for FP: What have different FP stakeholders learned?
FHI 360 Presenter: Trinity Zan
Location: PEACH Pattaya 11

Media Inquiries

For more information, reach out to our FHI 360 media contact.
Christy Delafield
Associate Director, External Communications
Lead photo credit: Jessica Scranton for FHI 360