Sr.No Quality Indicators Score Observations/ Remarks Action Plan
A Need Based Selection of SBC Method
1 PE is able to classify the KP/ s into the appropriate KP segment and state reasons for the same.      
2 PE is able to list various SBC methods, their key messages and the KP segment each can be applied to.      
3 PE is able to clearly state the communication need of the particular KP/ s vis-à-vis the SBC method s/ he has selected to conduct      
4 PE knows the names and number of KPs in her micro – site, is aware of hard-to-reach/ unreached KPs and makes planned efforts to reach them.      
B Greeting, Rapport & Ground Building
5 PE greets the KP/s with a smile and displays a pleasant and friendly attitude through appropriate body language.      
6 PE displays rapport with the KP/s and builds the ground appropriately before beginning the session.      
C Space/ Time/ Language
7 PE finds a reasonably appropriate space to carry out the session.      
8 PE has chosen a time convenient to KP/ s to conduct the session.      
9 PE ensures proper visibility and audibility while conducting the session.      
10 PE uses appropriate language with the KP/ s to gain their attention and understanding.